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"The Basic Timesheet X system has quickly become a valuable tool for my business.
Peppa Sheridan - peptalkpr.co.uk

Classic, entries and projects

With three primary interface types you have the ability to record timesheets with costs per entry, time spent per activity or detailed projects.

Timesheet invoice summary

Invoice generation from timesheets

With Timesheet Entries you can generate your client invoices quickly and efficiently. Speed up the billing process and identify which activities accounted for the most time spent by employees.

Ideal for PR management companies and design agencies.

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ipad web app workflow

Workflow and automation

Our web-based Timesheets app caters for complex workflow routing. Includes Timesheet status and approval views.

iphone crm web app

On the move, Timesheets anywhere

Our web-based timesheet management software works on any device to give you continuous availability whether you're at work, in a café or at home.

No separate mobile or tablet app to install as the online Timesheets system responsively adapts to your device.
Smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop - Any device, anywhere.

Timesheet Management Add-Ons

Basic Online Timesheets comes with the ability to add complementary features or integrate full blown apps to enhance your online contact management.

ipad online portal

Activity Centre & Dashboard

Outstanding actions highlighted in you feed, direct from your portal dashboard or Timesheets home page.

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cloud app themes and branding

Themes and skins

As part of an additional option we can brand your Timehseet System to look and feel just like your own website or intranet.

Give your employees the familiarity of a site they recognise and allow them to feel at ease and remove the barrier of the "Oh, another system we have to learn" feeling.

Secure cloud app data

Safe and secure CRM data

Basic Online uses firewall technology which delivers a robust architecture, providing you a degree of data security and business continuity not possible with traditional approaches.

We create a protective perimeter around your data, prevent attacks, and secure your data communications with multiple parallel Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections.

In simple terms "It's Rock Solid"

Hosted and On-Premise

Our Timehseet software can be deployed in a variety of circumstances. Our most popular and cheapest deployment of Timesheets is our cloud hosted option.

Cloud Hosted Timesheets in our very own data centre

Have your Online Timehseet system hosted at our secure data centre in the heart of the Midlands UK. We take care of everything for you and this option also delivers you a better return on your investment.

The great strength of Basic Online is that we own and run all of the hardware, software and facilities. No third-party data centre here! We control everything in our data centre including the internet pipe and hardware.

Want to come and see for yourself? Get in touch and arrange a personal tour of our facilities.

On-Premise web-based or Intranet (Private Cloud)

If you need more control over where you data resides and want to run the software primarily from an Intranet then we can deploy the Timehseet platform onto your own servers.

If you'd like us to manage your local Private Cloud we can do that too!

Offline working

We also have an offline client installation option which can work in combination with the on-premise solution. This gives you the benefit of being able to work offline if you lose internet connection. All changes and updates are later syncronised to your Private Cloud when your connection returns.



"The Basic Timesheet X system has quickly become a valuable tool for my business. I now record all client activities and expenses in one single place, streamlining my monthly billing process, whilst also enabling me to have a high-level view on the time being spent across a range of client projects."
Peppa Sheridan - peptalkpr.co.uk

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